How to engage your social media fans

How to Keep Your Social Media Fans Engaged and Attract New Followers

Why is engagement on social media important? Having an engaged following on one or more social media platforms allows companies, brands, and organizations the ability to connect on a deeper level with their audiences, raise awareness, and ultimately drive leads and business.

But how do you keep your fans on social media engaged enough to care about what you have to say? And how do you use your platform to attract new followers? You can have thousands of followers, but if they are never reading your posts or clicking on your links, what is the point?

The most important thing you can do for your presence on social media is to build a booming community of your target audience who actively engage with your content and become paying customers. We’ll teach you how to do just that!

Ways to Improve Audience Engagement

It does take work to establish a relationship with your targeted audience, but according to Social Media Today, such efforts will pay off big time. So, how do you grow a social following?

  1. Contests: Contests are fun and serve a dual purpose. Telling people to “like” and “follow” for a chance to win your products and services engages current followers and encourages new ones.

    There are many different kinds of contests that engage audiences such as “like or comment to win” as we mentioned above, as well as caption contests where you choose the best caption for a photo or allow your followers to vote for the best caption. Another fun option is a fill-in-the-blank contest where you ask your followers to answer a trivia question for the chance to win!

    As a way to follow up with participants who do not win, consider sending them a thank you which will go a long way for future engagement!
  2. Video: With apps like TikTok and features such as Reels on Instagram, video content is the most engaging type of content on all social media platforms. Be sure that you are utilizing video in your social media efforts to maximize your engagement rate. Having a lot of views on your videos leads to increased reach, engagement, and exposure for your brand!
  3. Stay Topical: According to Hootsuite, getting involved in conversations about what is currently going on in the world is a terrific way to keep your followers engaged.

    Be sure to comment on current events in a way that ties into your brand. This is a way to instantly connect with your audience in a timely fashion. Examples of this are trending pop culture events, big sporting events, large holidays, or viral memes.
  4. Response Time: Let’s be real, no one likes to wait around for answers. Speedy responses to your followers’ questions can lead to increased customer satisfaction. Show your followers that there is a real person behind your social media platforms who is available to give help when it is needed. Pre-composing answers to your communities most frequently asked questions will make fast responses a breeze!
  5. Post Regularly: Posting multiple times a day will naturally increase your social media engagement. On average, 2-3 posts per day per platform is great to help build an engaged audience.

    On the flip side however, posting too much has the potential to annoy your audience and cause them to want to hit that unfollow button. Additionally, you will want to make sure your posts go out at the right time. Typically, between 1-3 p.m. is the best time to post on most social networks.

Efferent Can Help You Keep Your Social Media Followers Engaged

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