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In Case You Missed It: A Monthly Roundup of Digital Marketing News

Pinterest Names Chief Marketing Officer

Via Pinterest

Pinterest has named Andréa Mallard as its first Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Mallard was hired away from the Gap-owned Athleta, a line of athleisure clothing, where she also served as CMO. Mallard will report to COO Francoise Brougher, who joined Pinterest in February himself. Pinterest is filling out its C-suite roles in preparation for a possible initial public offering (IPO) in 2019. Learn more about Mallard and her new role by reviewing Pinterest’s official press release.

Changes to Google My Business

The Google My Business dashboard has made a small but useful change to business listings. Instead of dumping all of your business categories into one big category, you can now set primary and secondary options. The change allows for a better and easier to understand user experience.

Google has also rolled out a new version of its GMB app, offering business owners enhanced customer visibility and new features that hint at further improvements to come. The changes include:

  • Real-time notifications of reviews, messages and followers
  • A Customer tab that includes reviews, messages, followers and customer information
  • Changes to the business profile editor
  • A new bottom navigation bar
  • The Follow tab shows who is following the business, if users have public profiles
  • A New Post button for creating Google Posts and uploading of photos
  • The Messages tab shows messages from Maps and Search

In regard to the changes, Google views local content and tools as an “engagement platform” for local consumers and business. You can find Google’s introduction video for the changes by clicking here.

Instagram Introduces Shopping Collection Feature

Instagram has introduced a new shopping collection feature that will allow them to save products of interest. Just tap a product tag in a post or Story and then a save icon can be tapped, which provides a “Save to shopping collection” option. Users can then browse collections later from a link in their profile.

To further help brands sell products, a shopping icon has been added to the corner of branded videos to make it easier for people to view prices. Business profiles also get a new shop tab that allows users to browse products that can be clicked to see information and the post that featured the product.

Pinterest Introduces the Etsy Gift Guide

Pinterest and Etsy have partnered together to offer Macy’s, Lowe’s and Kohl’s online “gift globes” to create more personalized shopping experiences for customers. For the gift globes, users specify who they are shopping for and get a personalized list of gifts from the retailers. Clicking the “Buy Now” button launches a Pinterest purchase page.  For the Etsy Gift Finder, Pinterest users can complete a gift tag that narrows the list of gift options and provides a customized product page that lets users buy from the marketplace. Learn more about the virtual gift globes by clicking here.

AMP Story Ads Officially Roll Out

AMP Story Ads are no longer in beta and are now receiving Google Ad Manager support for direct sold ads. AMP Story Ads have been tested with a small group of publishers and appear within AMP stories in a manner similar to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The call-to-action button takes readers to the advertiser’s site or app store. Instructions for how to create an AMP Story Ad can be found here.

LinkedIn Rolling Out Updated Company Page Experience

LinkedIn is rolling out a new Page experience in the U.S. that will expand globally in the coming weeks. The changes include a content suggestion tool for Page Admins, more advanced analytics and tools to help businesses engage with employees within LinkedIn. Integrations with Hootsuite and CrunchBase are also part of the changes, allowing Admins to get activity page notifications through Hootsuite. The CrunchBase partnership will let LinkedIn feature funding insights and investor information on Pages. Click here to learn more about the refreshed LinkedIn company pages.

Instagram Launches New Hashtag Search Feature

Instagram has a new hashtag search API. The current search feature on the Instagram Platform API will not be available after December 11, 2018. Instagram is also ceasing the ability to post and delete comments. The ability to review public profile info and media via the API is also being removed.

With the new version, businesses can search for up to 30 hashtags within a seven-day period. Search results in the new version will not include Personally Identifiable Information. Hashtags used in Instagram Stories will not be included in the new API. Businesses also cannot comment on hashtagged media objects.

Businesses need to undergo App Review to be granted access to the Instagram Public Content Access feature and the Instagram basic permission requirement. See Facebook Developer News for more information on the new search API.

Pinterest Introduces Carousel Ads

Pinterest has introduced a new ad format – Carousel ads that allow businesses to include up to five images.  The ads will appear in a user’s feed like a regular Pin but people can swipe through the images directly in their feed or tap and display one of the five images. Tapping it will launch the product’s landing page. Similar to Facebook’s carousel ads, brands can include a title, information and landing page for each product within the Promoted Carousel ad. The companies that received early access include Covergirl, Cheerios, DSW and Everlane. Learn more about the new ad format by clicking here.

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