Remarketing for Window Shoppers

Continuing the Conversation: Creating Remarketing Campaigns To Close Window Shoppers

While business owners always hope that prospective customers will see their name or product and buy immediately, that is rarely the case. The sales and marketing term “buyer’s journey” is accurate – most consumers go through a process when selecting a service, product, or business.

The 5 Stages of the Buyer’s Journey are:

  1. Recognizing a need or problem
  2. Gathering information
  3. Evaluating options
  4. Purchase
  5. Post-purchase reflection

Successful marketing involves keeping your name in front of them throughout their decision-making process and, ideally, answering their questions and overcoming their objections until your business is the inevitable choice. That’s how you make sure your brand stays part of the conversation with the prospective client.
Further, numerous marketing studies have shown that consumers need to see your brand multiple times before they decide to buy from you. The amount of times will vary according to the circumstances but seven is the most common result, so much that marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant has dubbed it “The Rule of Seven.”

What is “Remarketing”?

So how do you keep your brand, product, or service in front of your prospective clients while they are in the process of making a decision? Through a remarketing campaign.

Example of an informative medical ad.
A good, informative Medical Ad
Also called a retargeting campaign, remarketing specifically targets people who have visited your website or in some way interacted with your brand.
Have you ever searched for a product, like Frye Boots, and then saw ads for Frye Boots as you moved through the internet? That is one type of remarketing campaign. Another method is through a lead nurturing email campaign. Ideally, both are combined into a cohesive strategy that turns “window shoppers” into paying customers.
Example of a sensationalized medical ad.
An improper, sensationalized Medical Ad.
An effective remarketing campaign requires a number of variables and adjustments to ensure it’s targeting the right type of prospect. When used in medical advertising other concerns and precautions are involved due to HIPAA regulations and the requirements of the ad platform. For example, some ad platforms or social media networks will not allow mentions of accidents or anything “sensational,” images involving surgery, anything “explicit,” and more.

How Does a Remarketing Campaign Turn Browsers Into Buyers?

A specific strategy must be customized to your industry, your business, and what you’re selling. It also makes a difference as to whether you’re targeting new prospective customers or cultivating further sales from an existing client. Regardless, some core principles apply and will improve your results.

➤ Focus On Your Goal

Obviously, your goal is to increase sales, but are you targeting prospective clients or established customers? Highlighting a new product or service, or follow-up sales? Answering pre-sale questions to overcome objections or are you pre-qualifying prospects?
Keep that goal in mind when planning your campaign. Don’t try to do everything in one campaign – it’ll be a muddled mess. Create separate campaigns for each goal and segment your audience appropriately.

➤ Include Product Recommendations

People feel more comfortable buying something after seeing feedback and recommendations. You should be collecting testimonials and recommendations anyway. Put them to good use in your retargeting campaign. “Social proof,” such as seeing that their friends liked your brand on Facebook, also has an impact.

➤ Timing Is Crucial

This step could require a bit of experimentation and A/B testing. The timing for the remarketing emails will also depend upon your campaign goals and where they are in your sales funnel.

➤ Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

Test different offers and phrasing. Also test which image to use. Analyze the results and repeat the higher performing option.

➤ Use Multiple Channels

As previously stated, a well-rounded remarketing campaign will generate the best results. That means a mix of Google Ads, social ads, retargeting emails, etc. Remember the Rule of Seven.
While some prospective customers might purchase after just three or four contacts, other perspective clients might need six or seven. Keep the conversation going with them and stay present in their mind with useful information that helps them feel like they are making a careful, deliberate decision, and they will turn to your brand for its products and services.
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