Case Study

1999 Implant

OVERVIEW — is a directory service for promoting discount dental implants and associated providers. The campaign focuses on one geographic region, driving potential patients to a single dental practice. The client wished to white-label Efferent Media’s paid ad management services upon termination of their previous marketing contract.

BACKGROUND — Efferent Media has a nine-year track record for successful paid search management. Our paid search specialists are Google and Microsoft certified. They can optimize new or existing accounts, developing custom strategies for each client’s needs. As with all accounts, our paid search team conducted in-depth market and competitor research before beginning 1999’s campaign to understand the landscape.

Efferent Media set up a new Google Ads campaign as the previous PPC management company set up the campaign under their name and management account, not under the client’s name. As a result, campaign history was lost. Several website modifications were required before the new ad campaign launch. The new campaign ad creation focused on a potential patient’s emotional response and need for cosmetic dental work


  • Acquire conversions at the lowest possible cost per click (CPC)

  • Improve long-term ROI of lead acquisition

  • Establish client reputation and increase brand awareness

  • Reinforce client reputationas an authority

1999 Implant

Leveraging our experience in paid niche advertising, we created a new campaign to achieve continuous inexpensive lead generation for the white-labeled client. Working together with our web development team, we modified an existing form with a simplified version to capture potential patient information. Once completed, in addition to other website modifications, the new campaign launched in late February 2019.


Delivered Qualified Leads

By leveraging the expertise of Efferent Media’s paid search specialists, we were able to deliver consistent, high-volume potential leads in a competitive market.

What Pandemic?

Following the reactivation of the campaign following complete rebuild and after the pause due to COVID-19, we were able to re-establish the same level of success, showing that the original results can be replicated.

Campaign Cost

decreased 29.15% YoY

while conversions increased 120.73%

Average CPC

decreased by 82.07% YoY

from $3.65 to $0.65


decreased 87.98% YoY

from $5.09 to $0.61

Overall Campaign Conversion

93% Rate


This is the start of
something great


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