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OVERVIEW — Efferent Media combined data-driven strategy with high-quality writing and consumer publishing experience to capitalize on Google’s BERT update to create outstanding total Site Users and organic search results for Arrow Exterminating.

Pest control and extermination is a highly competitive industry. A few nationally known brands make it even harder for independent, local businesses, even one with a long history and good reputation like Arrow, to stand out in the field.

Efferent Media created a well-rounded marketing campaign for Arrow that incorporated SEO, content marketing, and social media. The SEO and content marketing/blog strategy especially worked together cohesively to drive a substantial, sustainable increase in organic search traffic, including page views, goal completion, sessions, users, and new users

BACKGROUND— Arrow Exterminating already had a blog when it became an Efferent Media client
in mid-2018. However, because its website also includes a Pest Library, the blog skewed slightly more
promotional than informational before Efferent took over management.

Google organic search has long emphasized content quality. Efferent Media’s content marketing writers have newspaper, magazine, and general publishing experience to ensure high-quality writing that is clear, concise, interesting, and informative as opposed to somewhat robotic and bland content more focused on dry concepts than user experience and engagement, which can be common in marketing. When combined with several strategy changes to capitalize on Google updates, the results have been outstanding.


  • Build Arrow Exterminating’s authority and trust with consumers.

  • Improve organic search results.

  • Utilize changes in search to boost organic results.

  • Dominate search results for questions buyers actually ask.

  • Turn its blog into a valuable consumer resource that reinforces Arrow’s reputation.


Since Arrow’s 2017 results (10,616 total Site Users) were actually lower than its 2016 organic search numbers (11,461 total Site Users), the growth wasn’t just incremental or accumulating increases. A breakdown of Pageviews comparing 2017 to 2018 also demonstrates an increase starting in mid-2018 after Efferent Media took over Arrow Exterminating’s marketing.

Due to Efferent Media’s efforts, total Site Users continued to grow in 2019 with 17,789 visitors compared to 14,671 in 2018. That’s a growth of 21.25%.

Then in October 2019, Google released the BERT update. Efferent Media’s SEO and data analysts studied the BERT algorithm to determine how to leverage it for our clients to create better organic search results. Those recommendations were then paired with an expertly crafted blog content strategy, carefully planned to capitalize on consumer questions and voice search.


  • Certain principles have been key to both Google’s algorithm and philosophy for creating the best search results, such as quality content, a regularly updated website, and a positive user experience. How Google has changed its algorithm over the years is what makes the difference.
  • At the same time, the growth of mobile search and voice search has also affected organic search results and site visitors. This is where the BERT algorithm update became important.
  • The BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update was implemented to improve search query understanding through natural language and
    context. For example, words such as rose, bass, and record have multiple meanings that
    make a crucial difference in search results. Before the BERT update, even queries with a
    context clue often delivered incorrect results.
  • >Google’s prior machine learning code often struggled with nuance, context, and pronoun usage in regard to search queries. BERT addressed those issues as well as improved Google’s site matching to search queries. Better natural language understanding and processing, in turn, improves voice search results.
  • How did Efferent Media leverage this Google update to create its remarkable results? By blending SEO data analysis about what consumers are asking and want to know with expert writing and years of publishing experience that meets the consumers’ needs, answers popular search questions, improves time on website, and builds Arrow’s authority, reputation, and trust.
  • That, in turn, played into Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidance through E-A-T. Google looks for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness when it ranks websites. Efferent Media’s SEO and content marketing strategy for Arrow Exterminating incorporated all of these factors to deliver outstanding total site user numbers through organic search that drives business and made Arrow Exterminating stand out from the NY pest control crowd.


  1. Efferent Media began by shifting the strategy and tone for Arrow Exterminating’s blog to informational. The SEO and content teams brainstormed topics. Then our media-trained writers used the SEO data analysis results to create engaging content that supported and reinforced the overall marketing strategy. That began to improve total Site Users from organic search results and increased Pageviews.
  2. When the BERT update was released, Efferent Media’s SEO team studied the algorithm change to determine how to ensure it worked in our clients’ favor
  3. Using he BERT update information, the SEO team focused on the questions frequently asked in organic search and voice search to address topics brainstormed by the team and timed according to Arrow’s pest calendar. They also increased the use of logical internal links so users could easily find related topics. That improved blog quality, resilience, and longevity and provided Google with more context signals to improve rankings and search results.
  4. As this approach improved traction and Arrow’s organic search results, the content team brainstormed blog topics utilizing their publishing experience. Examples of this are the “Handy Guide to…” series that make it easy to identify pests in a certain category like rodents, ants, stinging insects, etc. This type of content both appeals to consumers and enhances E-A-T, which further bolsters organic search results.
  5. The results of these strategies and the combined efforts of the SEO and content creation teams led to phenomenal total Site Users from organic search results for Arrow.

Total Site Users

Increased 1490.32% over 4 years

From 10,616 users in 2017 to 166,828 users in 2021

Goal Conversions

Increased by 519.16%

Year over Year

Goal Conversion Rate

Increased 68.63%

Year over Year

This is the start of
something great


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