Social Content Post Requirements

Hi there!

Thanks so much for your interest in joining the team at Efferent Media.

The following project is an example assignment of what you would work on, daily. We’re looking to see how creative you can be, while keeping in mind the audience/followers (who are they, what do they respond to?), and goals.



Medium-sized beauty and skincare company seeking to grow community engagement in social media platforms. Content needs to be fresh, fun, engaging, up-to-date, and informative when needed. The company’s main goal is to create an online presence and establish relationships with followers. The tone should be as if your older sister is speaking or sharing this with you.

What’s your solution?


  • Select one sans-serif font and stick to it throughout your final pieces
  • More credit will go to the candidate that shows original work (photography, video, etc.)
  • Select one beauty brand of your choosing

Based on the description (included below) create the following:

  • 2 social media posts — 1 animated (or video, up to you) and 1 static/flat post
  • 2 Instagram stories — flat or animated/video

Post Description:

We want to honor historic women who have truly made a remarkable difference. Here are some of our favorite quotes! Drop a comment and tell us a quote your often look to to stay motivated & inspired. #WomensHistoryMonth 

Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil deserves a spot on your shelf!  Cold-pressed and 100% pure ??  Mild on skin and sinks in with ease to deliver lasting moisture and softness. This oil can be used in so many different ways so you can be certain it won’t go to waste.

∙ Daily body moisturizer

∙ Massage oil

∙ Carrier oil for aromatherapy

∙ Unlimited DIY recipes

Story Description:

– We’re answering some top skincare questions!

(ADD THIS TEXT IN STORY) How to avoid wrinkles: SPF SPF SPF. But seriously, wrinkles are natural as a result of getting older. But you can definitely minimize this by limiting sun exposure, and using products containing antioxidants! (antioxidant arrow pointing to photo of vitamin e)

– Hair related “this or that”. 

(ADD THIS TEXT IN STORY) Ponytail or braid

You will be presenting your work to a design-savvy and non-savvy audience, both should understand your message.