Beth Rimmels

Senior Copywriter & Content Manager

A self-proclaimed movie and comic book “geek,” Beth has a wealth of experience as a writer, editor, and marketer, which she brings to Efferent Media.

A graduate of Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, Beth began her career in publishing at The Baltimore Sun. When Beth moved to Long Island she worked as a copy editor at Network Computing Magazine before becoming the A&E editor and comic book columnist for the Long Island Voice, a suburban Village Voice spinoff.

Beth then became editor-in-chief of Next Planet Over, which focused on comic books, science fiction, and fantasy collectibles. As a freelance writer, Beth’s work has appeared in numerous publications, and she’s a game critic for, specializing in D&D.

Favorite Vacation Spot

I love ocean cruises. Being able to visit cities and have your hotel move with you is fun and convenient.

Favorite Food

In general, seafood is my absolute favorite. More specifically? It’s a tie between sushi and steamed crabs (Maryland style).

Favorite Movie

It’s so hard to choose! It’s probably a tie between “Auntie Mame”, “Moonstruck” and “Black Panther”.

Favorite Hobby

Reading and tabletop role-playing games

Favorite TV Show?

“Babylon 5”, hands down. If you count miniseries then it’s “Watchmen (2019)”

Fun Fact

I have petted an adult tiger. Her name was Mandi.

In recent years, Beth transitioned into marketing as an SEO copywriter as well as being a social media expert. She prides herself on having created successful strategies and achieving goals. As Social Media Marketing Manager at Deer Park-based Barron Designs, she grew the company’s Facebook Page from 350 likes to more than 84,000 likes in 18 months. Site traffic increased by 17 percent.

Over the course of her career Beth has worked for several startups. Her innate sense of organization allows her to break a big project down to its component parts, enabling her to create a new publication or improve the efficiency and quality of existing content production.

Beth originally came to Efferent as an SEO copywriter. “Switching to marketing allowed me to use my writing experience in a new arena that helped companies better compete in an ever-changing marketplace.”

At Efferent Media, Beth has used her publishing experience to champion improvements to the reporting of content marketing results and the blog creation process. Some of those outstanding results can be seen in our Arrow Exterminating Case Study. The changes, client satisfaction increase, and revision request decrease led to a promotion. Beth now also recruits and manages Efferent Media’s content writers.

“Marketing matters. First impressions count, and too many good businesses have a bad website,” she said. “I love helping a company capture the essence of what it does best and use that to capture its best audience.”

This is the start of
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