Katie Kim

Jr. Designer

Katie is a designer with a background in both industrial and graphic design. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2018 with a Bachelors in Industrial Design. From there, she worked in as a Designer as a freelancer and in various companies where she designed a wide range of things from ceramic vessels for candles, benches, and sunglasses to things such as digital presentations, and animations for social media.

Prior to working at Efferent Media, she was a production assistant at an online retail company where she made designs based on customer specifications. She also previously worked at a fragrance and design studio and helped to create and design ceramic vessels for brands such as Venus et Fleur and Milamore. She also previously worked at a design agency where she helped design and build furniture for Quip’s pop up stores and office located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Favorite Vacation Spot

Camping in upstate, NY

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Fun Fact

I have a twin sister.

Katie joined Efferent Media to work with fellow accomplished people and because learning and growing is emphasized as a company. She lists her ability to learn as her biggest professional and personal trait. Her biggest accomplishment was being self teach herself graphic and motion design and to turn her newly found skills into a career. She has used her skills as a graphic/motion designer in companies previous to Efferent Media as a freelancer and in various companies. Her love for art and design is what motivated her to do what she does and to continuously elevate her skills as designer. In addition to teaching herself graphic and motion design for her professional career, Katie also taught herself to code (she coded her portfolio website from scratch), sew her own clothes (although she still has a lot of learning to do), and to build her own computer. Her love for learning new things is what motivated her to become an art tutor for high school students who aspire to go to art colleges. In the weekends, you can see her teaching her students and helping them create art portfolios for college apps. And in her personal time, she can be seen in her ceramic studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where she experiments with different ceramic techniques such as slip casting and hand building.

“I love ceramics,” she said. “If I wasn’t a designer, I would’ve been a ceramic artist with my own studio somewhere in New York making and selling ceramic objects such as vases, bowls, and plates.”At home, Katie can be seen snuggled with her adopted cat Roe -short for Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe- doing digital drawings or frame by frame animations.

This is the start of
something great


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