Case Study

Robotic Hair Restoration

OVERVIEW — — Efferent Media rolled out our proprietary lead nurturing campaign in 2019. Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island (RHRLI) was one of our clients that we knew could benefit from the program.

RHRLI was the first hair transplant practice on Long Island, New York, to adopt the ARTAS® Robotic Restoration System. This minimally invasive hair transplantation method uses artificial intelligence to pinpoint individual hair follicles for natural-looking results.

Efferent Media’s marketing campaigns for RHRLI were quite successful. However, over time, increasing competition was starting to affect the cost-per-lead conversions. We knew that our proprietary lead nurturing program could make a difference and simultaneously emphasize RHRLI’s excellent reputation as a respected, established clinic

BACKGROUND — Prior to the debut of our proprietary lead nurturing campaign, Efferent Media’s campaigns for RHRLI had been largely seasonal focusing on a mix of PPC and social media marketing with a robust SEO strategy and content marketing plan. While these tactics were extremely successful, we’re always looking to innovate, bring down the cost per lead, and increase conversions.


  • Build a strong relationship with potential customers

  • Salvage contact information from potential customers engaging with our multi-faceted online campaigns

  • Nurture prospective customers who are not yet ready to buy

  • Reinforce our clients’ reputation as an authority through the education process of the buyer’s journey

  • Improve long-term ROI of lead acquisition

Robotic Hair Restoration

Marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant created and numerous other studies have confirmed a principle known as “The Rule of Seven.” This principle states that it can take up to seven contacts to make an impression in a crowded marketplace and convert a prospect.

While we were converting strong, qualified leads for RHRLI, incorporating The Rule of Seven into our new strategy would cultivate potential clients
who are considering hair loss treatment but are not yet ready to commit to a high ticket, cosmetic procedure today. Having a method for maintaining
contact with potential clients can help move people along through their buyer’s journey.

Through the creation of our lead nurturing campaign, Efferent Media and RHRLI are able to educate prospects about the ARTAS® Robotic Restoration System and why RHRLI is the perfect choice on Long Island. We’re able to warm up those who are on the fence, compelling them to act.


We created and implemented a forward-thinking, custom-tailored lead generation system, which attracts top-of-funnel prospects. Then a carefully crafted, engaging email sequence with verifiable results and personalized responses that cater to pain points of the prospect keeps them interested, addresses their questions and concerns, and builds trust until they convert into high-ticket customers

  1. — Efferent Media created a custom lead magnet that would appeal to RHRLI’s target audience, as well as matching landing pages and exit-intent popups. When prospective clients submitted their information to claim the free offer, we gained the ability to contact them again in the future. Having this contact information increased long-term return on investment (ROI).
  2. — Efferent Media then launched and managed an ad campaign to promote the lead magnet, with the goal of generating a high volume of leads at lower cost. The contacts then received a laser-targeted email sequence, providing educational information about hair restoration.
  3. — A portion of the budget was allocated to retargeting users who had recently visited the RHRLI website, or watched a longer portion of RHRLI’s testimonial videos. The majority was spent acquiring top-of-funnel, targeted prospects are interested in the hair loss procedures.
  4. — Efferent Media surpassed previous ad optimizations by creating patient personas based on past and ideal clients, using these characterizations to find new audience-targeting opportunities. We set up multiple split tests to guarantee the best result for landing page conversions, as well as lead volume and lead cost. Our goal at this stage was to obtain as much data as possible, and through our system track which emails prospective clients were opening, what links they clicked in those e-mails, and why they ultimately scheduled a consultation.
  5. — The next step was tracking leads once they left our funnel, and verifying who actually had the consultation. We were able to track a 10x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for the client. Their lifetime overall cost per lead dropped $19.83 (48% decrease), all while establishing an untapped vein of cash flow to the practice. We scheduled regular calls with RHRLI’s owners to review the leads, verify quality, and review customer data for any trends causing repeat procedures.
  6. — Our team also analyzed email engagement to find the most compelling links and created new lead magnets tailored for those related concerns. The links with the most activity were bumped to the top of list to further increase engagement and facilitate consultations.

Cost Per Lead

48% decrease

within 6 months!

Record Page View

3rd month into their campaign

The highest since Efferent Media began working with RHRLI in 2014.

Labor Costs

Saving RHRLI’s Staff Hours

Created a post-operation procedure sequence, automating answers to common questions – saving RHRLI’s staff hours of time answering the same questions over and over again while also ensuring that patients have the information they need and reminders at their fingertips.

Campaign Open Rates

From 42.67% To 65.38%

(+79.28% – 174.70% compared to industry average)

Getting the Most Value

Educating Leads

Response showed a high number of Hispanic prospects were interested in the procedure and willing to continue their buyer education with our lead magnet offering. This data enabled Efferent Media to alter our client’s ad spend, getting the most value per dollar on their ad campaigns


56% and Above

month over month

Landing Page

Top 10% across all industries

(2-3x the average conversion rate)

For the Client

Fastest Lead Acquisition

after factoring in contact form fills and past landing page initiatives

This is the start of
something great


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