Case Study

Shea Moisture

OVERVIEW — Shea Moisture® had a long history but recognized that changing times and digital marketing presented new opportunities, which brought them to Efferent Media. They knew that community support was one of their most powerful assets. Efferent Media created a strategy and implemented a successful plan that positioned Shea Moisture® as the best source for the African-American community’s hair and skincare needs, creating tremendous growth and a highly responsive community management team. The results were so phenomenal, Shea Moisture® was acquired by a major corporation.

BACKGROUND — Shea Moisture® was created by Sofi Tucker in 1912 in Bonthe, Sierra Leone. To this day, Shea Moisture®’s mission remains the same: to provide eco-friendly, cruelty free, and fair-trade products made of completely organic and natural ingredients. Generations later, it became an immigrant-owned brand operating out of Amityville, New York. The company was experiencing growth beyond what its current infrastructure could support. At the same time, they saw an opportunity to become the “first in class” provider in their community. Shea needed significant work behind the account to seize this opportunity, and had no time to spare. With Efferent Media’s help, they secured a significant foothold within their community and wide brand recognition. That led to an acquisition offer from a Fortune 500 corporation valued at more than $4 billion.


  • Build creative, unique posts driven by organic content, including some created by the community.

  • Cultivate the target audience, positioning Shea Moisture® as the obvious solution for their needs, creating customers with a lifetime of purchase value for the business.

  • Enhance the Tucker Family legacy, creating long-term sustainability for the business.

Shea Moisture

Shea had a social media response team – but their increasing audience left them feeling understaffed

We knew that if we created fresh assets emphasizing the connection between Shea Moisture®’s products and the people using it, we could become the “go-to” community to discuss specialized hair needs.

Achieving this market share would tie Shea to its target audience for the foreseeable future. That, combined with cultivating word-of-mouth online sharing, would translate into lifetime customers who are enthusiastic fans.


  1. The Efferent Media team created a content calendar and developed an overall social media aesthetic and strategy for the Shea Moisture® brand. Through rigorous research, testing, and monitoring of audience responses, we were able to dial in what worked as determined by their own audience and then produce more content that stimulates consumer engagement.
  2. While our social media marketing and design team were focused on adjusting content to meet these criteria, our in-house community management team monitored relevant online groups, becoming known members of these communities, and earning their trust. The Efferent Media community team studied all of Shea Moisture®’s products, memorizing FAQs, and preparing themselves to address any issues a customer may have with their products so the customer receives a fast, accurate response.
  3. Preservation of the Tucker Family legacy, for the indefinite future
  4. Deeply entrenched community engagement, increasing the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer


  • The importance of creative, specifically crafted, timely posts targeted to a specific community can have a tremendous upside for small businesses.
  • Active, targeted engagement with the community, over time, translates into real sales and significant ROI for any business – enough to entice a major corporation’s interest in acquiring the brand.

All Social Media Platforms

78.3% Growth

within 7 months

Social Media Followers


an increase of 789,866


Valued at more than $4 Billion

Acquired from a Forbes 500 company

This is the start of
something great


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