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Efferent’s Social Media Campaign Earns Client Prestigious Award

When Tragar Home Services asked Efferent to plan a social media campaign for them, they knew they were putting their marketing in the hands of a quality team. After all, Tragar has been a client since 2012. What they might not have known was that Efferent’s first social media campaign for Tragar would be an award winner that would generate major revenue and new business opportunities for the company.

NexStar Network Tragar, a family run business for three generations, has been a leader in selling and repairing air conditioning and heating systems on Long Island for more than 60 years. They were the recipient of the Nexstar Network’s 2016 Suzi Award, which is given annually to HVAC companies with innovative online marketing campaigns. Tragar was honored for the social media campaign that was designed by Efferent.

The goal for Tragar’s campaign was to find more customers interested in installing central air or ductless air conditioning systems. Efferent designed and tested ads, wrote up pre-screening questions to ensure that the customers who filled out the online form provided were ready to buy and managed Tragar’s social media platforms, quickly responding to any questions or comments that came up.

The result was that Tragar had 62 customer appointments and installed 14 new systems during the campaign’s first three months. The revenue they brought in was 18-times the amount they spent on marketing.

Because of Efferent’s campaign, Nexstar Network, an organization of some of the top HVAC professionals in the business began an association with Tragar and honored them with the Suzi award. The campaign has also caused Tragar to focus their efforts more on digital marketing and away from more traditional forms of marketing. If you’re a Nexstar member looking for cutting edge online marketing solutions or you’re looking to bring your company to the next level, contact the team at Efferent Media. We can make it happen!

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