Monday Morning checklist

Your Monday Morning Social Media Checklist

Wake up! It’s Monday morning and it’s time to get the ball rolling again. Whether you’re a business owner who runs the show alone or a social media manager, these are six things you should be doing every Monday morning for your social media pages.

    1. What Happened While You Were Away?

Some businesses stop listening and publishing content for the entire weekend and others stop for a limited time during the night, but either way, every social media page has down time. It’s important to be aware of gaps where you stop listening so you can go back and listen. The first thing you should be doing is engaging and handling customer care.

    1. What’s Trending Right Now?

Once you’re caught up with your social stream, jump into Twitter trending topics, Google Trends, or your local news and see what’s happening in the world. Do you notice anything related to your page that could create an engagement opportunity? If so, put together a post immediately and publish. Publishing about a trending topic while it’s trending will increase your organic exposure on your post.

    1. Review Your Metrics from Last Week

Take a look at what happened last week on your pages. Did you publish something that went really well? Did something fail or create backlash from your community? Use your metrics to help you establish what you should and shouldn’t be doing next.

    1. Plan Your Content Calendar for the Week

It may be a pain, but take time to plan your content calendar for the entire week. As the week goes on, you’ll find yourself becoming very busy with new tasks. Preparing for the week in advance makes sure you’re page is publishing relevant content, even if you can’t do so yourself.

    1. Publish a Post

Whether you’re going to run with a piece of content based on what’s trending, or have another idea for a post, kick off your week by posting or scheduling your first post for the week.

    1. Don’t Forget about Your Blog Comments

Many times we’re managing so many pages at once, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, that we forget to check other mediums, like our blogs. Have you published a blog post recently? Make sure to log on and answer any questions that may have been left in the comments.

And that’s it! Do you have any tips that you follow on Monday mornings to get the week started on the right foot? Let us know in the comments below.

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