3 reasons designers love carousel ads

3 Reasons Designers Love Carousel Ads

As a designer creating micro-content, it can be difficult to capture one’s full artistic expression using just one advertisement or design. With the release of Facebook’s new Carousel Ads, this now changes! Facebook released carousel Ads last year in order to allow advertisers to showcase both multiple images and links in a single ad. Advertisers have seen Carousel Ads create 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click, which is a huge improvement compared to standard ads.

As a result of the success of these new Carousel Ads, advertisers, their brands, and the designers creating these ads are delighted. One of the many reasons designers love Carousel Ads is the opportunity they present to capture multiple aspects of their work. When designing, it can be difficult to present cool and creative elements within a small piece of micro-content. However, with Carousel Ads, designers now have ample opportunities to feature multiple elements through the use of several images in order to boost their brand and showcase their work.

Another reason designers appreciate Carousel Ads is the experience they provide – which can be more attention-driven and thrilling than designing standard ads. In the past, designing ads for micro-content could be dull and generic. By now using Carousel Ads, designers have the option for multiple designs within a single advertisement, resulting in feeling more stimulated, passionate, and creative.

Last, but not least, designers enjoy the option to present more of their art than in standard link-post ads. Carousel Ads truly add a fun and creative twist to Facebook marketing.

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