how to build an effective like campaign

How to Build an Effective Like Campaign

A common objective for all businesses on Facebook is to grow their Community. That doesn’t mean businesses should try to get as many random Like’s as possible. You still want to be strategic when building your Community. One of the best ways to still be strategic and gain Like’s is to run a Facebook Like Campaign. As with any other marketing initiative, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. We’ll go over the most effective way to run a Like Campaign. So, your businesses page can build a strong foundation while gaining fans.

Quality over Quantity

Grabbing up as much Likes as possible for your page is definitely a low hanging fruit that a lot of marketers succumb to out of temptation. After all, since Facebook’s inception, the amount of Likes has been glorified. It’s an understandable thought process, but it’s better to have 500 fans that interact and care about the service or product your business offers than 1,000 fans that really could care less about the content you’re publishing to your page. From a strategical standpoint, it’s very important to build your Facebook community from this perspective.

Now, let’s get into the most effective way to build a Facebook Like Campaign.

Create the Campaign

This is basic, and if you know all of this already – feel free to skip reading this step. But let’s assume we’re starting from square one. To get the ball rolling, you’re going to have to go to your Ad Manager and click the “+ Create Campaign” button in the top left-hand corner of the page. From there you will be brought to a page that offers quite a few different options for Campaign Objectives. To build a Like Campaign you’re going to choose the “Promote your Page” Objective. Once you connect your page, you’ll be brought the “Ad Set” and targeting features. This leads me to my next point.

This is where my rant of Quality over Quantity Likes applies. Don’t fall into the trap of racing for as many likes as possible. Build a quality fan base of individuals interested in your content. For example, let’s say you own a Gym in New York. Sure, you can promote your page to everyone and anyone who lives in New York – but your Like Campaign may also show to a 65-year-old grandmother. It’s great that may like your page, but is she going to then go interact with your content of fitness tips and share it with her friends in return? No, probably not. However, if your ad is targeted to males or females between the ages of 20-45 with a purchase behavior of buying fitness products, it’s much more likely that this demographic will continuously engage with your content and share it with their friends, who then in return may “Like” your page. It becomes a snowball effect, and, down the line, truly matters in the grand scheme of things.

Use Strategic Creative

Once you set your Targeting and Budget, you’ll be brought to a section to create the Ads for your campaign. Facebook is going to pull your Cover Photo for your creative. In short, don’t use it. Even if you have a very beautiful cover photo, it’s not a strategic move. Instead, look at what content performed well in the past and use it again for the Like Campaign – give people a reason to like your page. Going back to the Gym example – If a simple Ab Routine on an image performed well as content, use that as creative. It’s already proven to work for your demographic (if you already have quality likes), and it’s probably going to work for the people you’re targeting — getting you more likes than just a cover photo would.

None of these steps are particularly hard, but they all play a role in building a strong foundation of likes with a strategy. While 1,000 Likes may be “cool” – if they’re useless, it can (and will!) bite you down the road while you build your page up.

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