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How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Business

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If you have a business and you have a Facebook business page, congratulations! This is a vital step in ensuring your business is found when people search for your particular service or product. Just having a Facebook business page isn’t enough though. You need to make sure that your page is optimized. Here are a few tips to make sure that your Facebook page is working for you.

1. Contact Information and Hours.

Make sure that these are always correct. There is nothing more frustrating for a potential customer than to learn that your store has moved, is closed, or the phone number is wrong when they are trying to reach you. Always update your hours, particularly if you change them seasonally.

2. Links to Website and Social Profiles.

You should link to your website from your Facebook page. Whether you are trying to get a lead for a service or you’re selling a product, your Facebook page should link to your site. Aside from the obvious reasons, you’ll also get some link juice from Facebook and that’s always a good thing. Aside from your own website, if you have other social media profiles like Instagram or Twitter, you should link to those as well to spread your brand message.

3. Post Regularly.

The best way to build your audience is by posting regularly. Posts about new products, new employees, new blog posts on your website, interesting events at your office or in your industry, and some fun non-branded posts. Don’t always post the same old thing about one product or service. Your audience will get bored and will stop engaging. Did your office have a pot luck lunch? Do you have an office puppy? Occasionally post about fun things like this to give your company personality and set them apart. Be sure to create a content calendar to keep things organized. Another way to increase engagement is to create posts for the many holidays celebrated year-round and show some holiday spirit!

4. Respond to Reviews.

You can’t make everyone happy all of the time. That’s just understood whenever you have customers. Occasionally, some of those dissatisfied customers are going to leave bad reviews about your business. Facebook gives you an opportunity to address bad reviews. While you may not always prevail in your response to a bad customer review, it shows that you care about their opinion and would like to discuss things further. In some situations, you may be able to get in touch with the customer and make things right. This will give the customer a chance to remove or edit their review.

Facebook has evolved into much more than a social networking platform where users could share pictures of their vacations and their pets. It has become a valuable way to spread brand awareness, build a loyal audience, and act as a significant part of a company’s sales funnel. If you put the time in and leverage your Facebook business page properly, it can definitely become an important asset for your company. If you need help leveraging your social media platforms, contact the social media pros at Efferent Media today.

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