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New on Twitter: Quote Tweets!

Twitter has just stepped up its game with revamping quote tweets! Quote tweets are tweets that are retweeted and have a comment attached. The updated quote tweet feature allows users to say more with each retweet comment. Small updates like this came have a major positive impact for many positive twitter users.

Where we once had to copy and paste all characters and links within a tweet (while still maintaining the 140 character limit) in order to publicly comment on what you are retweeting, now Twitter sets you up with an aesthetically pleasing thumbnail just under your comment. It looks a lot like a Facebook post when a link is shared.


This new capability can allow you to publicly respond to clients/customers in a much cleaner fashion. Publicly responding to clients with a retweet and comment will serve multiple purposes at once.

For example, let’s say a customer tweets that your business did a great job providing a service for their event. You can then retweet their tweet with a comment attached, thanking them, congratulating them, etc. This promotes your business while publicly thanking and acknowledging your customer – killing two twitter birds with one stone (or perhaps a less violent metaphor).

We all know it is most important to have great customer service and high quality content/product for a business to succeed. Twitter has now made it a little bit easier by giving the opportunity to combine these two key aspects within business world of client relations and product/service promotion in a convenient and fashionable way.

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