Local SEO Strategies for your Business

5 Local SEO Strategies For Your Business

Sep 10
In the age of instant information and smartphones in every pocket, Local SEO rose to become one of the more powerful tools for businesses of
UI/UX Design

UX and Healthcare Websites – Balancing Form and Function

Aug 24
In digital marketing, when a new website design is proposed, a battle typically occurs between the internal departments of design, development, and SEO. The team
Marketing for niche medical practices

Marketing for Niche Medical Practices

Beth Rimmels
Aug 12
New patients are the lifeblood for any medical practice… and niche practices in particular. A doctor who maintains a full patient load and the daily
Remarketing for Window Shoppers

Continuing the Conversation: Creating Remarketing Campaigns To Close Window Shoppers

Beth Rimmels
Jun 24
While business owners always hope that prospective customers will see their name or product and buy immediately, that is rarely the case. The sales and
Algorithm changes

2021 Google Algorithm Updates and Their Impact

Apr 15
Google has rolled out an unusual number of algorithm updates during the past few months, with alarming regularity. Beginning in September, updates were issued every


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