Why Branding is So Important for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Why Branding is So Important for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

How Branding Can Affect Your PPC Campaign

Today, with a little organization and know-how, it’s easier than ever to run a well-targeted PPC campaign online and land your ad right in front of your ideal buyer. And by leveraging the power of remarketing, the odds of landing a conversion are that much higher. With all of that said, the best way to stack the odds in your favor comes down to utilizing the aforementioned tactics wisely. That means taking advantage of every pixel on your screen, and using each one to build a lasting impression.

Defining your branding is essential to the success of any impression. In the plainest of terms, it’s the reason that you can see golden arches — or even just the colors red and yellow — and suddenly want a cheeseburger. Billions of dollars have been spent making that response possible. By exposing you to that branding over the course of your life, McDonald’s has created a Pavlovian response to their logo. There’s something very fundamental about us seeing something and making an association. It’s also the same mechanism in our brains that helped our ancestors know which berries were okay to eat, and which ones were poisonous.

You might be asking, “What does my ancestors hunting for berries have to do with my remarketing?” Simple! By understanding and tapping into visual language and associations, you can have a highly effective campaign that works consciously and subconsciously. And you don’t need a supersized budget to put these principles to work!

Remarketing Berries

Famous last words: “Guys, it’s fine. These taste just like creamsicles. See? I’m totally fi—”

The Effect of Branding Over Time

In this case, we take “effective” to mean two different things:

1. The short game. You place your ads and the campaign runs. A person from your target demographic sees your ad, clicks through, and converts.

This is the goal of any good campaign, isn’t it? However, we propose a second scenario:

2. The long game. The campaign runs and targets your ideal demographic. Your ads are served, but the end user doesn’t convert. However, over the course of the campaign, the user has been exposed to your brand multiple times. If branded effectively, these ads can help this person to retain your name as an authority in your field, long after the life of this campaign.


This isn’t really the best attitude if you want visual recognition.

Maybe six months from now, you run a new campaign: new product, new message, but same branding. If the target demographic is the same, chances are the person who hasn’t converted is in that pool. Your branding will resonate with that person.Does this scenario sound familiar?

“Hey, nice [product]. Who make that?”
“It’s from [company].”
“Oh yeah, I think I’ve heard of those guys…”

That is the power of effective branding at work.

We’d like to help your brand achieve it maximum impact potential. Let the branding experts at Efferent Media help you establish — or refine — your company’s visual voice. Call 631-867-0900 today, or fill out our contact form here!

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