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5 Tips to Enhance Website Traffic for Medical, Health, & Wellness Businesses

A website is essential for any business that wants to succeed and grow, and that includes medical, health and wellness businesses. While at one time such practices could rely on getting enough clients from medical directory referrals and having a website was even considered too trendy for a serious subject like healthcare, now it’s vital.

How to Improve Medical Marketing Traffic


• Google My Business & Local Search

Google My Business (GMB) is a useful resource for any business owner. Doctors can have a GMB listing for both their healthcare practice (such as “Happy Family Dental Associates, LLC”) and themselves (such as “Dr. Joann Smith, DDS”) with both showing the same address.

A GMB listing has a “visit website” button to make it easy for people to visit your actual website and increase website traffic. GMB listings also provide a medical practice or health and wellness business ways to showcase their services.

For example, doctors and therapists can list things like whether they offer telemedicine or house call appointments, service details, the types of insurance they take, the hours they’re open, and links to appointment schedulers. Additionally, a GMB listing sets up a Google Maps location for the practice and click-to-call option.

• Optimize Your Website SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for ensuring your medical marketing and website is found. Rather than gimmicks, SEO makes sure that your website is organized and set up in a logical fashion so Google and other search engines can categorize your website and list it for the appropriate search queries.

This includes things such as logical URL names for pages, making sure visitors can find what they’re looking for and have a good user experience, the website loads quickly and displays well on both mobile and desktop, and much more.

Links are another important aspect of your website’s SEO. Listing your accomplishments and any awards you’ve won enhances your reputation. Linking those mentions to the source organization adds validity to them – especially if it’s a large, well-respected organization.

• Offer Useful, Informative Content

This includes both clear, engaging, and accurate descriptions of your services and possible blog content. The main reason why people leave websites is that they’re not finding what they’re looking for so informative descriptions of your services is vital.

Google likes websites that are regularly updated – it considers it a signal that the website is being maintained. Having a blog that addresses topics relevant to your services and specific area of focus serves that purpose for Google while also informing prospective patients and positioning you as an expert in your field. It also helps people get a feel for you and how your practice operates.

• Include Photos

Picking a medical practice or a health and wellness provider can be daunting. Photos of you and your smiling staff can make prospective patients feel welcome before they walk through your door. Seeing images of your office and its facilities can showcase your expertise. A video tour of your office can do the same. When properly optimized, the photographs will also show up in a relevant Google image search, and the video will do the same in video search.

• Integrate Your Social Media

Whether it’s using your Facebook account to highlight your blog or YouTube to showcase your videos, making social media part of your medical marketing strategy can help drive qualified traffic to your website.

Efferent Media Are the Medical Marketing Experts

If you have a medical, healthcare or wellness business, Efferent Media has the experience you need to grow your business and fill your appointment list. Whether it’s a HIPAA-compliant website design, lead generation campaign, or a full marketing plan, our team at Efferent Media will tailor each of our services for you and your business. Contact us today and have the website your business deserves.

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