Favicons and Changes to Google’s Search Results Page

The Internet Has Come a Long Way

Remember the dial-up days when your internet connection was a continuous phone call between the internet company and your computer? Dropped connections, downloads taking several hours, and picking up the phone only to hear those roaring staticky “bleep-bloop” sounds are thankfully a thing of the past. Taking into account both large and small updates, to say a lot has changed would be an extreme understatement. From when Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, it has drastically progressed at an exponential rate.

Google Implements a Visual Redesign

In the ever-changing landscape of the internet, there has been a vast number of major and minor changes over the past three decades. Efferent Media takes pride in keeping up with the latest trends and best practices. In this instance, although minor, favicons are visual to anyone using Google as their search engine. You may have already noticed a difference when searching on mobile because the implementation was seen there first, only soon to be noticed on your desktop, laptop, etc.

The intention of both changes is to make it easier to find the source of the information being provided. The first change is to the ad displays at the top of the page. We are sure you can recall a green ad identifier and URL or breadcrumb trail placed under the listing. That will now be black and placed above the listing.

The second change is to the organic listings. The green internet address or breadcrumb trail will now be black and placed above the listing as well. Companies will also have the added benefit of displaying favicons to their organic listings. The favicon is a small, custom image that is 48×48 pixels in size. The illustration below shows how Efferent Media has utilized the element.

favicon example

To find out how your favicon can be included in Google Search results, check out this article. In case you haven’t noticed the change, below is both the old and new design of the Google search results page for mobile users.

mobile search results example

Conclusion on Favicons

This redesign is a visually pleasing facelift to the search result page. Some SEOs are enjoying Google’s favicon mobile search results interface. They are under the impression the intention was to present ads in a manner where they don’t stand out, looking more like the traditional organic search results. Regardless of the speculation or reasoning, your company will now have more real estate to take advantage of on the search results page. Have you added a favicon to your website yet? If not, we’re happy to help you out by providing the proper information to do just that. Get in touch with us today for help with this or any of your digital marketing needs.

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