Healthcare Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management for the Healthcare Industry

Just Google It”. The most common three words heard around the world. What a prospective customer finds on Google will determine if they make the call, send the email, or walk through the door. This is because nearly 80% of people choose their doctor based on having 4 stars or more on Google My Business.

Most of the time your reputation supersedes skills and certifications. You could be the best physician in town but if your reviews on Google say otherwise… chances are you’re going to slowly fall down the totem pole when it comes to getting patients through the door.

Why Choose Efferent Media for Reputation Management?

Efferent Media is the medical marketing agency dedicated to medtech, digital health, life science innovations, and patient generation with experience in HIPAA compliance.

In the highly competitive world of healthcare, medical-focused marketing is essential for both upcoming and established healthcare practices – so you want a digital marketing agency with years of experience and proven results in this highly specialized and regulated industry. We fully understand how important medical reputation management is for your business, and how to safeguard yours.

What is Reputation Management?

So, you might be wondering what IS reputation management?

In short, it’s making sure that your business has a squeaky-clean profile online for the world to see through review sites like Google, Vitals, Facebook, Yelp, HealthGrades, etc. You want great reviews, good responses, and a healthy amount of interaction.

How We Do It

We send review requests to your customers to encourage them to leave feedback on your favorite review sites. When they do, we thank them for their feedback on your behalf to show the importance of engagement. This shows them and your prospective customers that your care and service does not stop at the reception desk.

A situation might happen where you receive a negative review. Where most companies miss the mark is that they either ignore the review, try to get it taken down, or respond with aggression and defensiveness. This only adds to a negative impression.

We respond with well-rounded responses to encourage a resolution. Not only does this make the upset customer feel taken care of, but it also shows prospective patients that you really care. Only guilty companies have something to hide; and people appreciate transparency.

Through the data we gather, we’re able to understand the voice of your customers and are then able to identify any common issues with your patients, any positive feedback that you can build from, and form strategies to help you exceed.

Let Efferent Media Take Your Reputation To The Next Level

Successful businesses prepare for downfalls in advance. Efferent Media’s reputation management team can handle complaints, monitor your social media, manage your reviews and more. When you’re ready for the next step in your business’s growth and protection, call Efferent Media at (631) 867-0900 or contact us here.

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