Spring cleaning your digital marketing

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Digital Marketing Efforts

With spring right around the corner, scheduling some spring cleaning for your digital marketing is just as crucial as sprucing up your house. Digital marketing encompasses many techniques and strategies to increase your product’s visibility or services, across a wide array of channels.

Many online guides offer conflicting advice for increasing traffic, which can be overwhelming and confusing. Luckily, we have created a condensed, informative list of ways to polish up your marketing efforts.

How Can I “Spring Clean” My Marketing?

  1. Be Specific When Targeting Consumers

  2. Data is the most crucial element to pay attention to when trying to increase conversions, and according to Emarsys.com, data should influence every decision that a digital marketing team makes. When reading and interpreting your data, use it to find ways to tailor the marketing experience that your consumers have.

    Platforms, such as Google Analytics, allow you to organize your audience by creating audience segments. Data makes it possible to develop more specific marketing for an audience segment based on their purchase history, demographics, and even the channel they found you through. Based on this information, you can make product recommendations for similar products… driving increased conversions.

  3. Make Customer Service a Priority

  4. If you are serious about increasing traffic to your website through digital marketing, you must focus on excellent customer service. When customers are treated well and feel comfortable shopping with your company, they are more likely to become repeat customers.

    A vital element of customer service is communication, which includes responding to customer questions and concerns. According to VoyMedia.com, including a chatbot on your website provides an added way to address any issues or hesitation that consumers may have. The more information you give your consumers, the more confident they will be and the more likely they are to purchase your product or service.

  5. Ensure That Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

  6. BroadbandSearch.net reports that mobile traffic has continuously surpassed desktop traffic on the Internet since 2016. The growth of mobile traffic means that having a website optimized for both desktop users and mobile users is essential for your company or risk high bounce rates for mobile users. Ways to improve the mobile experience include having slightly different website layouts for mobile and desktop and modifying your mobile website to decrease clutter and improve site speed.

    A responsive website design would be the best option to ensure an optimal user experience. If your customers can easily navigate your website and find what they’re searching for, this positive user experience improves the chances of completing a purchase.

  7. Update Your Website Regularly

  8. According to Forbes.com, a key to improving your digital marketing efforts is to update your website often. Improvements can include regularly adding new products to your website or uploading unique content that your audience can find useful.

    Regular blog posts, tutorials, FAQs, and other informative content can answer important customer questions and help improve your website rankings for desired search terms. However, be sure not to sacrifice the quality of your content by keyword stuffing. Only incorporate target search terms when it makes sense, so your audience receives the intended message.

  9. Increase Your Social Media Presence

  10. A strong social media presence is another overlooked but critical element for reaching your target audience. PopUpSmart.com states that using social networks is a great way to grow and maintain your brand’s popularity by connecting with existing and prospective customers.

    Depending on the platform you choose; you can provide product tutorial videos, answer questions, notify your audience of giveaways, and more. It will boost audience trust in your brand and your authority within your industry. These are both likely to increase conversions.

Final Takeaways

Many methods are available to attract more attention to your products and increase conversion. Gaining insight on your audience will unlock new ways to enhance your digital marketing efforts, such as targeting audience segments based on demographics and behavior.

Customers are the backbone of your business, so keep customer service in mind to bring in repeat customers. Additionally, attract new customers on social media and retain them by having an optimal website for mobile phones and computers. Lastly, keep your website fresh with updated information, content, and keywords.

Let Efferent Media Help You Spring Clean Your Site

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