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Top Healthcare Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

The past year was difficult for many. Yet here at Efferent Media, our healthcare clients had a good year, unlike many of their competitors. As circumstances change for 2021, here are marketing tips to make it the best year yet for your healthcare practice.

1. Social media is more important than ever.

Prospective patients want to get a sense of your practice before they visit. Due to COVID, showing your safety procedures is beneficial. If your healthcare practice focuses on cosmetic conditions such as hair loss, cosmetic dentistry, etc. they want to see before-and-after photos and videos.

However, healthcare social media has challenges and pitfalls. It should be neither boring nor make unreasonable claims. Repetition is another trap. Instead… it needs to be authentic, have a welcoming and authoritative tone, and convey a sense of the experience patients will receive.

2. Invest in high-quality content.

Prospective patients have questions. In fact, a Becker Hospital Review study found that 72 percent of people research healthcare-related questions online – with 87 percent researching a specific condition. Answering those topics with clear and well-written content positions you as an authority, gives them confidence in choosing you, and helps to pre-sell your services. Good quality content supports your website’s SEO and your social media campaigns.

3. Use attractive visuals

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true. The popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok has only strengthened that. Include photos of your office – it sets expectations and makes you more accessible.

Make sure even your written content is visually appealing by using bullet points, lists, and shorter paragraphs where it makes sense. Break up written content with relevant, compelling images.

4. Have a well-designed website

User experience is a Google ranking factor as of 2021. A clean, logical, attractive layout will both appeal to your clients and improve your site’s traffic and retention.

5. Multi-channel marketing is a must

Now, more than ever, a comprehensive marketing strategy is important. When crafted properly, one aspect can support the others and draw in the right patients that are primed for your services.

6. Ensure a good online reputation

People want the right healthcare practice that listens and takes care of its patients. Testimonials provide proof of that and build trust. Monitoring your ratings on Google My Business, ZocDoc, etc. and addressing poor responses is essential to instill confidence in your prospects.

In fact, negative reviews give your business a chance to shine if you handle it well. Obviously, you don’t want negative reviews… but hiding them is a mistake. Showing that you listen and respond appropriately to disputes attracts new customers, and readers can tell when a complaint is unreasonable.

Reviews are also a ranking factor for Google. That ties into our last tip.

7. Focus on local SEO

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are sticking closer to home. Even without lockdowns and travel restrictions, people are more interested in finding what they want and need closer to home, traveling less, and knowing more about the places they patronize. While “near me” results are always important, focusing on your local SEO and ensuring it is optimized for the latest Google updates will position you better in this environment.

Efferent Media Are the Medical Marketing Experts

If you have a medical, healthcare or wellness business, Efferent Media has the experience you need to grow your business and fill your appointment list. Whether it’s a HIPAA-compliant website design, lead generation campaign, or a full marketing plan, our team at Efferent Media will tailor each of our services for you and your business. Contact us today and have the website your business deserves.

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