Efferent Media attends SMX East

SMX East Recap


On October 24 and 25th, members of the Efferent Media team headed into New York City, this time to the annual SMX East SEO/SEM Marketing Expo, whose programming is directed by Search Engine Land. At SMX East, representatives from over a dozen marketing companies were present, offering solutions for client reporting, service automation, and more. The two-day convention, held at the Jacob Javits Center, featured dozens of focused learning sessions for SEO and SEM. There was a wealth of information presented over the two days, and each member walked away with different perspectives on the convention, as well as some sweet swag!

Members of the PPC team, including Director of Paid Media Andrea Fine and Search Coordinator Joe Czarniecki, were on hand when Google Ads representatives announced that they were rolling out four new metrics to assess pay per click campaign effectiveness. The new metrics include:

  • Impr. (Abs. Top) % – Search absolute top impression rate
  • Impr. (Top) % – Search top impression rate
  • Search (Abs. Top) IS – Search absolute top impression share
  • Search (Top) IS – Search top impression share

Andrea Fine discussed the impact of the new metrics, and shared some of her thoughts. She reported, “I gained a greater understanding of the average position metric. It’s not as cut and dry and I thought. I didn’t know that Position 1 can be above or below the organic results. I loved the benefit of learning about Google’s new, previously unannounced metrics to help bid to TRUE location on search results page.”

She continues, “I learned a new way to find where our clients’ target audience is online. Look at referral traffic in Google Analytics, sort by most conversions. Separate by device category and review ad placements on both mobile and desktop to ensure they have advertising on the site and the ads are placed well. Add qualifying sites as placements in campaign.”

Joe Czarniecki said that the new Google metrics were a major takeaway for him as well: “These new metrics are more important because they help you bid to your true location on the search results page rather than seeing an average with the avg. position metric. Measuring with these prominence metrics helps advertisers by removing any uncertainty in ad position. Additionally, it clears up any confusion in when you’re analyzing your campaign and unlike optimizing for avg. position, there’s no weirdness with bidding.”

Efferent’s Search Coordinators joined as many SEO and PPC seminars as they could. They attended peer review sessions moderated by expert panels focused on landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization, and link building. Other sessions were more technically oriented, focused on advanced analytics, SEO siloing, and JavaScript for SEO.

Search Coordinator Eileen McGovern was impressed by the multitude of link building possibilities and the technical seminar on SEO siloing presented by Bruce Clay, a long-acknowledged SEO expert. Of link building, she says, “A lot of SEOs are afraid to link build, because the penalties for doing it wrong can be severe. In our post-Penguin world, it’s understandable but it causes SEOs to be too conservative. If you’re practicing black hat SEO, then be fearful. But these seminars prove that there are many effective white hat tactics to build legitimate links.”

About the SEO siloing, she says, “It’s amazing how a site’s hierarchy can affect organic rankings, and how quickly it can be done. Website design needs to be done with SEO in mind. We need to move away from old design conventions and optimize sites in a way that makes sense to Google/Rank Brain. If not, then we’re wasting time and opportunities. We always say that ‘Content is king’ but that content needs to be presented in a manner that makes sense.”

Each member of the Efferent Media team enjoyed meeting with the speakers and connecting with industry experts. Industry heavyweights include Barry Schwartz, Bruce Clay, and Eric Enge were in attendance, offering an uncommon accessibility. The two days spent attending this conference provided the team with the latest tactics and each member is looking forward to utilizing the insights that they picked up on behalf of Efferent’s client base.

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